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A design optimization tool for photonic devices

Optimization Algorithms

Finding solutions to complex optimization problems can be a difficult task. In general there is no optimization algorithm that works in all cases.

Kallistos comes with several efficient algorithms based on recent advances in mathematical optimization with complementing strengths:

  • Efficient local descent routines. Ideal for large, computationally intensive structures, which can find an optimum within relatively few iterations.
  • Deterministic and stochastic global optimization techniques. These converge more slowly than the above, but are more likely, if not guaranteed, to find a global optimum.

Optimization calculations can be very lengthy for complex 3D structures. We have exploited to the full the mathematical structure of the wave equations by incorporating an analytical procedure for calculation of the sensitivities, essential to the optimization process. This and other improvements make Kallistos an extremely fast optimization tool for design of photonic devices.